Welcome to shungite-energy, the Swiss website dedicated to the sale on line of Shungite products !

We are the specialists of  Shungite in Swizterland; We use in our daily life the numerous applications and beneficials of the Shungite stone in our personal and professionnal environnement.
The Shungite we sale comes directly from the mine of Zazhoginski in Carelia. We guarantee the best quality of stones  at the best price in the Swiss market, selected on the spot by ourselfs.
The Shungite which  you will find in our online store possesses numerous use and can serve effectively in:
  • Neutralize the electromagnetic waves which surround you, to protect you and your environment
  •  For therapeutic purposes , in particular on the stress, the anxiety, the sleep, the rheumatisms...
  • Cleanse, energize, revitalize the tap water with the Shungite
Shungite would act according to the needs of one and in resonance with the people in presence, it concentrates, reconstitutes any healthy thing for a human being, absorb and dissolves any thing which puts at risk living beings, it would stimulate the cell renewal and would strengthen the immune system, some speak about Shungite as about an intelligent and supernatural stone.
. Excellence of products:
We carefully check all our products to assure the highest possible quality of Shungite. We endeavour to send the best quality of Shungite in Swizterland.

. Fast and neat package delivery:
We guarantee you a fast processing and delivery of your order.

. Personalized services:
Whatever you need or you wish we will do our best to advise and provide you with the best and suitable products possiblee. We work closely with our local craftmen in Carelia in Russia to make your dream comes to reality.

. Certificates of quality and authenticity:
All our products are certified from Carelia and made with the highest quality of Shungite. We provide copy of official certificates upon request to our clients.
Shungite-energy.ch only propose a large range of high quality products, guarantee by certificates of quality from Russia.
We are in direct and permanent contact with the local producers and craftmen of Carelia. For any special order, we will do our best to advise and answer your queries and needs. Do not hesitate to Email us with your request and questions at: shungite-energy@bluewin.ch.
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